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Julian Assange Is Free

• Paul Craig Roberts

If the news report from Sky News that reached me early this morning is not a hoax, the US government, increasingly regarded worldwide as a criminal organization, could not convince British courts to extradite Julian Assange. Washington was unable or unwilling to provide the British assurances that Assange would not be abused and denied his rights.

Many of us think Assange has been abused enough by the British government which held him in solitary confinement for 62 months, a massive violation of habeas corpus, as a favor to Washington.

Perhaps "British justice" grew tired of the shame of serving as Washington's jailer and imprisoning a man who has not been convicted of anything. The brownie points that the British were earning from Washington were offset by the appearance of complicity in Washington's act of vengeance against a journalist who published leaked information embarrassing to Washington.