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Zionism Is The Exact Opposite Of Spirituality


Zionism is like the exact opposite of people who identify as "spiritual but not religious"; it's religion stripped bare of all spirituality until it's nothing but a shitty political ideology that's ultimately really about land, western imperialism, and geostrategic control.

People feel called to religion because there's something in all of us that tells us this world isn't quite what it seems, like there's some wondrous mystery lurking just below the surface (really what they're experiencing is an uncomfortable dissonance with the delusion of egoic consciousness and an impulse to try and awaken from it, but that's a story for another time). So they look to their religion to tell them how to have a living spirituality that gives them what they're craving, and, if they are involved in certain Christian or Jewish sects, they'll be told that they can obtain what they long for by getting passionately engaged on issues regarding the military and geopolitical objectives of a small country on the other side of the planet.

It's actually kind of sad, if you think about it. People have this impulse calling them beyond themselves to a much higher and deeper purpose, and that impulse is harnessed and used to herd them into support for some of the worst things on earth. They come in looking for transcendence and a personal relationship with the holy, and they are given a stupid, crazy political ideology which tells them to support very mundane human depravities like apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

Authentic spirituality takes you out of your head and anchors you firmly in reality, guiding you into a sincere investigation of what's actually going on with this mysterious experience called life and never allowing you to accept answers that come from learned knowledge or your tired, boring thought loops. It's about finding truth that is so true it's obvious even before you can think any thoughts about it. Things like Zionism lead people in the exact opposite direction: into indoctrinated beliefs, propaganda, deception, and abuse.

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