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Bumbling Putin screeches round corner and veers across road while taking a panic-stricken...


Vladimir Putin took host Kim Jong Un for a spin through the streets of Pyongyang in a luxury limousine - one of several gifts the Russian President bestowed upon the North Korean leader today after the pair signed a new comprehensive partnership deal that included a mutual defence clause.

The Kremlin chief presented Kim with the boxy vehicle, manufactured by Russia's Aurus automaker, along with a tea set and an admiral's sword in a symbolic gesture of thanks for North Korea's 'consistent and unwavering' support for his war in Ukraine. 

Footage taken in the leafy grounds of the Kumsusan state residence in the North Korean capital showed the moment Putin clambered behind the wheel of the cumbersome vehicle to offer his services as a chauffeur to Kim, who eagerly hopped into the passenger seat.

But a photo snapped moments later saw Putin - who is rarely at the helm of his own vehicle - looking unsure behind the wheel as Kim looked on, sporting a nervous expression. 

Putin lurched around corners and appeared to weave across the road during the short trip that saw the pair share a rare moment away from their hordes of close protection bodyguards and security teams before heading to attend a gala concert. 

Kim in return offered Putin 'very nice' gifts, according to the Kremlin chief's aide Yuri Ushakov, including various artworks and 'busts' that were 'skillfully done', the aide told Russian media.  

The granular details of their new partnership were not immediately clear, but both leaders described it as a major upgrade of their ties, including terms that spanned areas from security to medical education.

Kim declared it the 'strongest ever treaty' between the two nations, raising the 'fiery friendship' between them at the level of an alliance, and vowed full support for Russia's war in Ukraine. 

Putin meanwhile said the deal 'really is a breakthrough document' that reflects a shared desire to move relations to a higher level, adding that it provided, 'among other things, for mutual assistance in case of aggression against one of the parties to this treaty'.