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Seattle Police, Facing Manpower Shortage, Hire Illegal Aliens as Police Officers

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This is due to severe understaffing that has gutted many large city departments in primarily blue cities. 

In April, KTTH's Jason Rantz reported that staffing on the Seattle PD is at levels not seen in 67 years. As of December 31, 2023, the department had only 424 police officers working, the last date for which data was available. That number was confirmed to Rantz by the Seattle PD in an email. 

Moreover, of those 424 officers, 66 were eligible for retirement, and 84 are over the age of 50 according to a human resources document obtained by Rantz. 

Law Enforcement Today reached out to a member of the Seattle Police Officer's Guild, who told us that the anti-police mindset of the city administration is leading to officers leaving the department in droves.