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"Climate Change" Is a $100 Trillion Wealth Transfer from the Poor to the Rich

• - Elizabeth Nickson

Predator or Prey?

This is the last in a series explaining our current unstable financial environment. Our economies have turned to conservation and de-development, which has been unrealistically financialized. The fix is easy. Walk this back. Because the moral stink will follow us for 100 years.

Ever asked yourself why 20 million have poured through the Southern border in the last three and a half years? Oh, I know, in search of economic freedom, oppression by their home governments, or oligarchs, drugs, death squads, crime etc. Same with Africa. But again, why do they risk so much to leave homelands that almost certainly, most of them love. The idea of 'place' is not an idea, it is a deep attachment, physical, emotional and sensate that trumps reason.You have to kill a lot of your natural self to leave, to risk your life and that of your children to escape to the cold grey north and never return. The fear alone would overwhelm all but the strongest.

They are leaving because they must.

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