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The Downfall of the Dollar and the Global Monetary Transition

• - Gary Barnett

"I have good news and bad news. The good news is we will all soon be billionaires. The bad news is that by the time that day comes, the dollar will be so devalued that your billions may not purchase your weekly groceries."

Jarod Kintz, A Memoir of Memories and Memes

There is a bit of important news that is being hidden, covered up, and ignored by most, especially by the controlled mainstream media. Yes, Saudi Arabia did fail to renew the 'petrodollar' deal struck with the U.S. decades ago, but what does that really mean, and why now? As I continually say, nothing is done by the State accidentally, nothing is a coincidence, as all is either planned far in advance, or a reaction to some agenda-driven plot. That is why it is imperative to believe nothing, and question everything concerning the State. It is no different with monetary policy, as currency domination is a mainstay of power and control, and the weaponization of the dollar will lead to dramatic changes in the power-play of nations.

It is obvious, although rarely understood by the economically ignorant, which are most of the masses today, that 'money' (currency) is still the dominant factor of governing control. In the face of constant political terror and war at every level being inflicted on societies, this is often forgotten, but why is it so misunderstood given that big banks, and banking entities, including all large 'investment' houses and the central banks, rule the world? The U.S. has held the top position concerning the control of commerce and trade due to its dollar hegemony, for at least the past 50 years, but things are changing, and the reasons are not limited to money printing and debt, as there is a much a more complicated conspiracy underlying this global monetary transition.