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University Migrant Smart Hubs, Private Equity and The Leveraged Buyout of America


The protests are assisting as smokescreens to recreate the underbelly of these indoctrination camps, turning them into resettlement campuses, micro smart cities or "innovation districts," and a funnel system for captured endowments that all leads to policy change and potential training grounds for agitators to bring the U.S. to its knees. This not only has a drastic impact on college students and so-called "higher education," but on cities and towns that anchor these hubs, ultimately affecting everyone.

When you combine U.S. universities and colleges with Blackstone, private equity firms, Middle East investors, the UN, illegal immigrants, student housing, innovation districts, affordable housing, Jeffrey Sachs, college protest smokescreens, ECAR, Welcome Corps, corrupt billionaires, and mainstream news, you have a recipe for disaster – one that can only mean one thing – money is moving, the stage is being set, the infrastructure is being built, and control is shifting evermore into the hands of those who wish to destroy America.

This report will be broken down into 9 sections that all connect to show the bigger picture of this power grab:

• The Story in A Nutshell
• Trickery of The "Affordable Housing" Trend for Illegal Immigrants, Students, and Families
• Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR)
• Colleges and Universities Housing Illegal Immigrants
• Blackstone Acquired Largest Student Housing Company in The U.S., Partners with Over 100 Colleges and Universities and Plans to Hire 2,000 Refugees
• The U.S. Student Housing Market – Including Foreign Investors
• College and University Endowments Captured
• The Smokescreen: Israel-Hamas College Protests
• What's The End Game?