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James Woods Roasts AOC Over Latest Call for Justice Alito Recusal


Woods tweeted, "Seriously, did she ever attend high school?" in response to AOC's laughable demand that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito recuse himself from January 6th cases. 

Why? Because Alito's wife allegedly flew an upside-down flag—a distress signal—at their home. Alito, of course, isn't stepping down.

AOC, who has been representing New York's 14th congressional district since 2019, appeared on MSNBC to express her misguided views on the matter.

"Justice Alito's position is laughable…this idea that he can be and that the court should be accountable to nobody…is completely unacceptable…it is what power are we going to exercise in order to rein in a fundamentally unaccountable and rogue court?" – AOC

Clearly, AOC missed the day they taught separation of powers in school. The judicial branch, including the Supreme Court, operates independently of the legislative and executive branches. This is a fundamental principle designed to keep our government balanced and free from authoritarianism—something AOC seems to fear yet misunderstand entirely.

Woods' tweet reflects a broader sentiment among conservatives that AOC often speaks without fully grasping the issues at hand. His comment encapsulates the frustration many feel towards her endless grandstanding and lack of real solutions.

AOC's comments on MSNBC underscore her belief that the Supreme Court must be reined in, showing her usual disregard for the principles of judicial independence. Her call for Justice Alito's recusal is just another example of her overreaching political antics.

Conservatives like Woods argue that AOC's positions are often absurd and lacking in realism. His tweet is part of a larger narrative that challenges the credibility of progressive politicians who seem more interested in headlines than actual governance.