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The Vessel that could finally rewrite history

• arclein

But if we think about it, the only possible explanation is that 5,000 years ago someone transported that pot from present-day Iraq to Bolivia. There is evidence that navigators from Sundaland, a sunken region of the Pacific Ocean, of which only Indonesia remains, arrived in the Americas and brought the coconut palm there, thousands of years ago. The semi-submerged city of Nan-Madol may have been built before the thaw, so 14,000 years ago. Therefore, it is possible that these navigators transported the "Fuente Magna" vessel from one continent to another. Or, it is possible that the navigation skills of the Sumerians were much greater than what we know of. The "Fuente Magna" vase is further evidence that our past is quite different from what we thought. In the distant past, humans moved from one continent to another, leaving traces of their passage. Then suddenly, this ended, and we had to start from scratch. Why? Posted by arclein at 12:00?AM Email This BlogThis! Sha