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Ukraine's 'room for compromise is diminishing' – Medvedev


Russia has repeatedly sought to resolve the Ukraine crisis through diplomatic means since 2014, but Kiev and its Western backers have always responded with either "manipulation" or "deception," former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday. Now that the latest peace proposal has been offered by Russia, the time for compromise is running out, he warned.

Kiev is about to face a "catastrophic scenario," Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, said in a statement published on his social media account. The former Ukrainian territories Kiev still lays claim to have officially become part of Russia as a result of referendums held there in 2022, Medvedev pointed out. "And this is forever." Now, Moscow will only agree to peace talks if this fact is taken into account, he added.

The official was referring to the latest peace proposal put forward by President Vladimir Putin during his meeting with senior Russian diplomats on Friday. Moscow is demanding that Kiev withdraw its troops from all the regions that voted to join Russia in 2022 and forgo its plans to join NATO. In exchange, Russia is ready to order a ceasefire and start talks the moment Ukrainian officials agree to these terms.

Medvedev described this weekend's Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland as a "summit of the doomed" that will end in "total failure."

Kiev has been actively promoting the conference, to which Russia has not been invited, to push its own peace plan. It includes the withdrawal of Russian troops from territories it claims as its own, a war crimes tribunal, and reparations.

Medvedev dismissed Kiev's peace proposal as a "stillborn formula," commenting that its only purpose is to provide legitimacy to Vladimir Zelensky.

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