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IPFS News Link • Pandemic

Interview with Mikki Willis, creator of the Plandemic series, with his new film...

•, Health Ranger Report

- Creating a musical about the pandemic, addressing its impact on society and the media's role in shaping cultural narratives. (0:00)

- The impact of media on society, including indoctrination and mind control. (4:36)

- Music and film collaboration, featuring interviews with musicians and industry professionals. (8:29)

- The premiere of a new movie, "The Great Awakening," and its themes of resilience and happiness in the face of darkness (11:52)

- The power of creative people in shaping culture and influencing society. (15:38)

- Prioritizing family values over career ambition in Hollywood. (23:17)

- Financing a film project through donations and avoiding censorship. (28:53)

- Independent filmmaking and distribution models. (33:13)

- Music, spirituality, and health products. (42:05)