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Biden, Merrick Garland & The ATF All Took A Big Loss In Federal Court Today


In a significant victory for Second Amendment enthusiasts and firearm owners across the nation, a federal court has dealt a blow to Joe Biden's attempts to regulate and tax AR-15 style "pistols." The ruling, delivered by the Texas-based U.S. District Court, deemed the administration's effort to be "unlawful" and "illegitimate."

The 12-page decision invalidated a rule that could have resulted in the confiscation of millions of firearms – a move met with significant resistance by gun owners – and the potential incarceration of those who refused to comply with the regime's directives. The court also blasted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for believing it could transform a long-standing exemption and render the ownership of these firearms illegal.

Responding to the case, Mock vs. Garland, the Firearms Policy Coalition unapologetically stated, the "ATF broke the law by being overreaching sneaky pricks. Therefore, the right thing for the Court to do was throw the Rule in the trash. The Court threw the Pistol Brace Rule in the trash."