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U.S., Ukraine announce long-term security pact while G7 agrees to hand Kyiv US $50-billion...

• The Globe and Mail

The United States and Ukraine signed a 10-year security agreement at the G7 summit, and negotiators at the gathering reached a deal that would hand Ukraine a US$50-billion loan connected to frozen Russian assets, an indication Kyiv's Western allies expect its already-lengthy conflict with Moscow to last longer still.

At a joint news conference Thursday evening, U.S. President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced the 10-year deal.

Mr. Biden, standing with Mr. Zelensky on a stage at the G7 site in Fasano, in southern Italy, said the agreement, which pledges U.S. support in weapons, infrastructure and other critical areas, "was another reminder to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin that we are not backing down."

Mr. Zelensky, speaking in English, said: "This is an agreement to guarantee sustainable peace."

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Congress has the duty to approve all debts of the nation. Art. I, Sec 8, clause 1. When did they approve this expense ?