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Moscow stock exchange (MOEX) suspends all trading in dollars, euros as global shift away...

•, by: Ethan Huff

The United States Treasury under Janet Yellen is systematically destroying the U.S. dollar (Federal Reserve Note) by endlessly poking the bear of Russia with yet another round of new sanctions.

After the Treasury unveiled its latest sanction package against Russia, the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) reportedly suspended all trading in both dollars and euros, this marking the latest step towards de-dollarization.

In a statement, MOEX revealed that the suspension affects all foreign and precious metals trades as well as stock and money trades on Russia's largest public trading markets.

"Except for dollars and euros, all other financial instruments remain operational," RT reported about the change, noting that the derivatives market is unaffected by the changes with trade continuing as normal.

The Health Ranger issued a statement about the change as well, which you can read below from X:

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Comment by PureTrust
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Looks like this one is backfiring a little on Trump's stopping the IRS. No more use of the USD by Russia and many other BRICS nation, will make the USD to have less and less value in the world. Stopping the IRS might only be a backup that can make things happen faster. Back to the USD for Americans rather than the world.