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Time for the truth about the pandemic

•, By Betsy McCaughey

A group of Dutch medical researchers are igniting a firestorm by calling for an investigation of the deaths caused by vaccine mandates and lockdowns imposed on the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. What's wrong with that?

Everything, if you're part of the global public health mafia and want to avoid questions about the mistakes you made and the lies you told.

We all saw Dr. Anthony Fauci squirming last week when he was forced to admit to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee that the social distancing rules – like standing 6 feet apart – on which the lockdowns were based were pulled out of thin air.

The Dutch researchers want answers. They insist "every death needs to be acknowledged and accounted for," including deaths caused by policy mistakes – the collateral damage from heavy-handed public health edicts.

One conclusion is already crystal clear: Don't entrust your life or health to the government.

The Dutch researchers examine data from 47 western countries, including the U.S., and find that many months after the lockdowns began and vaccines were rolled out, the death rates stayed higher than in pre-pandemic years. The lockdowns and vaccines weren't stopping the virus but were apparently causing other deaths. A classic case of the cure being worse than the disease.

Zeroing in on the U.S., they cited double-digit increases in alcohol-caused fatalities and drug overdose fatalities.

Researchers Rob Arnott and Chicago economics professor Casey Mulligan found the same. During the pandemic, deaths from alcoholism, drug addiction, car accidents, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes soared, exceeding by 100,000 a year what would ordinarily occur in the U.S. They pinned those "excess deaths" on government COVID policies that drove people to addiction, overeating and other acts of despair.