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Republicans Introduce 'Dismantle DEI Act' To Combat Biden's Racial 'Hatred'


Ohio Senator JD Vance has taken a defiant stand alongside fellow Republican lawmakers to challenge Joe Biden's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) mandates. The coalition has put forth the Dismantle DEI Act, a proposed legislation aimed at eradicating all federal DEI programs and funding within government agencies and entities that receive federal financial support, including contractors, organizations, and educational accreditation agencies.

Senator Vance passionately denounced Biden's DEI policies, labeling them as seeds of "hatred" and racial discord. "It has no place in our federal government or anywhere else in our society," Vance declared. "I'm honored to champion this legislation, which seeks to eliminate DEI from our federal bureaucracy by terminating such programs and cutting funding for DEI policies wherever they exist. American taxpayers should not have their hard-earned money used to propagate this radical and divisive ideology – this bill will ensure they are protected."

In a series of Executive Orders issued in 2021, the Biden regime had outlined initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Federal Government with the goal of advancing equity and fostering workforce diversity nationwide.

Expressing deep reservations about the purported objectives of Biden's policies, Senator Vance criticized the current DEI measures for allegedly exacerbating racial prejudice. "Instead of promoting fairness, Biden's policies have become breeding grounds for racial bias, Vance argued, echoing sentiments shared by co-sponsor Senator Cassidy of Louisiana. "Taxpayers expect the most qualified candidates to be hired, not the most favored," noted Cassidy.

With nearly $1 trillion in federal contracts awarded to various companies spanning defense, aerospace, construction, and other sectors last year, the stakes are high for legislators seeking to counter the reach of DEI initiatives. Joining forces with Vance and Cassidy in this endeavor are Congressman Michael Cloud of Texas and a cohort of co-sponsors including Senators Marsha Blackburn, Kevin Cramer, Eric Schmitt, and Rick Scott, as well as fifteen U.S. House of Representatives members.

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