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Restoring the Soil To Make the Deserts Bloom

• - Elizabeth Nickson

Did none of the Masters of the Universe take Marketing 101? I know it's a quasi-discipline, much déclassé, for the peons in flyover country who sell widgets to live, but it does determine the world. What do you want to buy with your disposable income? What food, what house, what car, what do your children lust after?  Shopping decisions determine the shape of the real world, where real things happen. For some people, it's their only opportunity for self-determination, and take it they will. This fundamental human characteristic is described perfectly by a graph, a chart. The Marketing Curve has been around for fifty years, and its one assumption is that human desire is the primary driver of the economy.

We are divided into forerunners, innovators, early adopters and late adopters and it holds true for digital products, politics, vacations, and health decisions, across the board. You cannot overturn it, you cannot say, "people must like this and do this because I am willing to spend a few billion to brainwash them." No. Because some renegade soul will say, "I want to move to the country and raise heritage beef rather than swan around New York, London, Paris, Munich going to night clubs and working for a multinational where I destroy the weak and help the strong."