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The Climate Wars ignited again in Australia and Labor's best argument is just scorn and derision

•, By Jo Nova

It's the issue that never dies, because global weather control is a stupid idea levitating on righteous indignation and a hundred billion dollars. As long as it floats, it's the Hindenburg of National Energy Policy. It will only end when there's nothing left to burn.

This time, the opposition leader, Peter Dutton, has  said what all the grown ups already know — that the 82% renewables target by 2030 that Labor legislated is doomed and we should delay it. Two years after ignition, everyone knows the NetZero rocket is impossible. Renewable investment has ground to a halt, people are not buying EV's,  farmers don't want the transmission lines, coastal towns don't want the wind towers, project costs are doubling and tripling, and Florence the borer is still stuck in a short hole that is meant to be a long one. Worse, we've already got more solar power than the grid can handle and extra solar power is so useless we're about to start charging people who carelessly add to the glut at lunchtime.

Peter Dutton is sadly still saying we should do "Net Zero by 2050" — which will stop him mocking the whole pagan religion of weather control, but he is offering a real alternative — we can stop banging our heads on the wall for a few years.

The government meanwhile is fighting back with their best missives of scorn and damnation. Apparently this will lead to the awful affliction called "pariah status". The world won't want to dance with Australia, or something. Or, more likely, Sydney Harbour might drop a few spots on the Green Backpacker Holiday Guide. Like we care.

The media leapt to declare hyperbolically that "Dutton is pulling out of the Paris Agreement" because, being globalist junkies themselves, they thought this would be an insult. But instead of being a shocking misstep those headlines may have earned him fans. The EcoWorriers seemed to have forgotten that at the drop of a hat, back in 2018 48% of Australians said they'd be happy to pull out of "Paris". That was without any discussion at all. Half the country didn't care less. Imagine if we had a debate now with the cost-of-living-dog chewing on voters ankles?

Paris is a sacred totem for believers to dance around. But its almost all theater — China agreed to do nothing, and most nations will miss their targets. Now even the UN admits the world will crash through Paris Agreement goals by a factor of two for 2030.

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