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Creepy New Head Transplant Technology In Development?!

•, By Paul A. Philips

It claims that through ultra-precise octopus-like state-of-the-art robot surgical operation, a man having an incurably-ill body can have his head removed, which will then be placed on a young healthy "brain-dead donor body" (now, where exactly would they find this??).

His consciousness; memory and cognitive capabilities, would be preserved in coordination with the new body. Take a look at this somewhat creepy video put out by BrainBridge, claiming the company will have this transhumanist transplant technology working in 8 years.

Does this sound like something from a science-fiction story? Well, actually, it is! However, this elaborate hoax has received millions of views, most people including some so-named media sources are convinced it's for real.

According to MIT Technology Review, the company BrainBridge does not exist. Its slickly constructed website was made up by a science and technology-based Yemeni film maker Hashem Al-Ghaili.

In the interview with MIT Technology Review, Hashem Al-Ghaili insists that he didn't do it for clickbait. He claims it's about "…pushing boundaries and testing feasibility."  In other words, with the assistance of the project's part-funder, biophysics/biotechnologist, Alex Zhavoronkov, a prominent figurehead in anti-ageing research, it was done to see what the response would be.

A screenshot on the BrainBridge website illustrating a patient receiving head transplant technology is modelled on Zhavoronkov's head!

While met with much negativity from a generally disturbed public, calling it horrible, unholy, disgusting, ludicrous, not needed… Zhavoronkov claims that "some important and famous people are supporting [it] financially."

The idea of avoiding fatal illness, such as, for examples, advanced cancer or heart disease, or a neurogenerative disorder like motor neuron disease, by placing the head on a new healthy body sounds to many, including the cadres of anti-aging technologists over the years, a good solution to anti-aging. However, the related hypothesised surgical processes and applications continue to fail.