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New Crime Wave Hits NYC: Illegal Migrants Deliberately Jumping in Front of Cars...

•, By Jim Hoft

A new crime wave has reportedly hit the streets of New York City as illegal migrants are deliberately jumping in front of moving cars to extort money from terrified drivers.

The New York Post has reported on this disturbing trend, where migrants brazenly risk their lives in an attempt to financially exploit unsuspecting drivers. The illegal aliens have escalated their dangerous scam, particularly in Brooklyn's bustling streets.

Dashcam footage obtained by The Post vividly captures one such incident on Flatbush Avenue South. The video shows a migrant deliberately leaping into the path of a car, forcing the driver to make a hazardous swerve to avoid a collision.

Christina, a 37-year-old driver and one of the victims of this harrowing scheme, recounted her terrifying experience.

"All of a sudden, a man with eyes wide open and screaming jumped in front of my car. He was trying to get me to run him over," she said.

"If I had been distracted even for a second, my life could have been over. It's just sickening," she shared with The Post.

Residents of Rockaway Beach, where several near-misses have been reported, are particularly on edge. Community members have taken to Facebook to share their encounters and warn others, indicating a growing concern about this disturbing trend.

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At least three other Rockaway Beach residents have almost become victims to the twisted trick, according to posts in an area Facebook group.

"It happened to me . . . in the dark early morning," another resident wrote in response to Christina's post.