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Tucker Carlson Reveals That The Director Of The CIA Threatened Him

•, By Dave Hodges

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Tucker Carlson Reveals That The Director Of The CIA Threatened Him & Said It Was A Crime To Expose The CIA Murdered A Sitting United States President ???? Tucker also exposes The CIA was planning on murdering Julian Assange "Committed a crime. He's threatening me. He's in my car. I'll never with my dog sitting next to him, I'll never forget this. And I said, are you really saying that to reveal that the US government had a role in the murder of a democratically elected president, to say that out loud, that's the crime? What about the actual crime, which is murdering a president? Like, you're covering up for that, Mike Pompeo. He had no no response at all. And so Mike Pompeo is the one who pressed Trump to keep those documents secret. And so it's like, what's crazy to me is not just that Pompeo did that. I think Pompeo is a really sinister person and a and a criminal. I think that. I think that because the facts suggest that he was caught. Yahoo News, Mike Isikoff wrote a long piece on this several years ago. His employees went to Mike Isikoff and said, hey. Mike Pompeo was plotting to murder Julian Assange who's never even been charged with a crime in the United States as CIA director. That's illegal. You're not allowed. Federal employees are not allowed to just kill people they don't like. Okay. Just just set the baseline here. So that's who Mike Pompeo is. But he somehow intimidated Trump into not releasing this. Well, okay. That's all bad. Right? I think it's criminal behavior."