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Walmart faces social media backlash over "Pride Always Collection" for Pride Month

•, Laura Harris

Walmart, in partnership with gay- and lesbian-owned companies, launched its "Pride Always Collection," which features different products from clothing and hats to school supplies and pool floats on May 23. The collection has items available both online and in physical stores, while some products are only exclusive to online shopping.

"We couldn't be prouder of this year's LGBTQIA+ founders and designers," Walmart announced on Instagram. "Today. Tomorrow. Always."

A week after the Instagram post announcing the collection, the retail giant posted another video featuring the designers behind the collection discussing their favorite pieces with the caption: "Not just a slogan. #PrideAlways is a reminder to lead with love."

However, the response from some shoppers was far from loving. A segment of its customer base quickly took to the comments section to voice their, disappointment, irritation and disgust.

"So tired of this nonsense. If anyone should have a month of honor it should be for our soldiers, our nurses, and police officers. People who actually are making a difference in this world," one Instagram user wrote.

Another critic disapproved of the collection and linked it to broader societal issues.

"Walmart and Pride whatever it is, I hate all this because you glorify everything in this world except what God has created to be from the beginning, which is a family, man married to a woman and their children!!" The user went on to question why traditional family units are not given special recognition, but the LGBTQ community must be "glorified" for an entire month.

Additional comments included accusations of Walmart being "woke," with one user sarcastically suggesting the store might soon sell Palestinian flags and abortion kits. "Gross. Pretty much all of this will end up on the clearance aisle," predicted another detractor, anticipating a lack of consumer interest in the collection.