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Why I Don't Trust the Establishment - Patrick Bet-David

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00:00 Introduction

00:39 'The Enemy is Real'

04:14 Case study: The Invention Secrecy Act

07:58 The establishment Vs the free market

12:21 Is the system rigged?

15:05 From war-torn Iran to multi-millionaire

18:16 Why I'm building a media empire

20:19 Why I hate bullies

23:04 Sponsor: Monetary Metals

24:40 The Entrepreneur Mindset

25:21 America, the spoilt brat

30:03 Why Konstantin should go into politics

34:19 The importance of giving back

39:08 The other Elon Musks need to stand up

42:18 Are you hiring Candace Owens?

44:05 Chris Cuomo and other controversial hires

45:41 Conflict with the Daily Wire

54:27 PBD and KK disagree over Tucker Carlson

55:37 PBD still wants to hear from Ben Shapiro

57:05 The gag order on Candace

58:23 What's the one thing we're not talking about?