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Milei says he hates the state and loves to "be the mole" that will "destroy" it

• Gazeta Do Provo

Argentine President Javier Milei said in an interview with The Free Press on Thursday that he hates the state, loves being "the mole" inside of him and is willing to endure "lies, slander and insults" to achieve his goal of destroying him from the inside.

"I love, I love being the mole within the state. I am the one who destroys the state from the inside. It's like being infiltrated into the enemy ranks," he replied when asked if he likes to be "the weasel in the garden," in an interview last week as part of his visit to Palo Alto, California, in the United States.

"State reform has to be done by someone who hates the state, and I hate the state so much that I am willing to endure all kinds of lies, slander and insults, both about me and about my loved ones, who are my sister, my dogs and my parents in order to destroy the state," he added.