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Ambassador Friedman: Every Day Biden Is Making Hamas Stronger – Biden Made Up a Story...

•, By Jim Hoft

Former Israeli Ambassador David Friedman joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Wednesday afternoon.

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki was also invited on the program to discuss the current conditions in Israel.

Ambassador Friedman was ambassador when President Donald Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Ambassador Friedman was also part of the historic Trump Abraham Accords that initiated peace agreements between Israel and several moderate Muslim nations. This was arguably the greatest time in modern history to hold the position of US Ambassador to Israel. My, how quickly times have changed!

During their discussion Ambassador Friedman agreed with Steve that the Biden Administration was making up talking points and openly lying about statements they credited to Israeli leadership.

The former ambassador also says the "every day" Joe Biden is making Hamas stronger. Maybe that was the plan?

Ambassador David Friedman: Look, Where we are is that every day Biden is making Hamas stronger. That's really where we are, unfortunately. Every day he's reaching out as nominally the most powerful human being on Earth, and he is begging Hamas, one of the most vile terrorist organizations in the world, begging them to come to the table and accept Israel's surrender. I mean, it's really what he's doing. I think he made up a story about getting a proposal from Israel, because I don't see anything in the proposal that he offered to Hamas that says anything about Israel winning the war. Israel has made it clear that I…