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Musicians and Electromagnetic Radiation Health Risks

• By Sean Alexander Carney

From increasingly complex stage rigs that include wireless products to digital music production and sustaining social media engagement with fans, musicians must utilise an array of technologies to survive in the music industry. The question that is beginning to be asked as they are increasingly exposed to the digital demands of industry is "how is this affecting health and wellbeing?"

It is a vitally important question, especially as stage performances have grown in both stature and scale and have become resonant electromagnetically driven events and environments that are not without their risks to audiences and musicians. On stage wireless devices can remove the need for cables and are appealing to musicians who believe they remove onstage hazards and promote mobility. Audiences wirelessly continue their social media pursuits and technological voyeurism through their smart phones. Wireless stage lighting rigs utilise electromagnetically powerful LED systems making spotlights brighter than ever and stage atmospherics wirelessly controllable. These technological realities are sold as progress – sold as "better." Yet, as this article reveals, such technologies create hazards of their own which are kept out of the marketing angles and hype, leaving professionals and consumers neglectful of technological radiation and its health impacts.

Powerful wireless devices from "smart" stage lighting to wireless microphone, guitar and amplification systems introduce EM (electromagnetic) fields into performances which are a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The dense cocktail of wireless radiation from devices can interfere with guitar signal quality and microphone latency, for example, and from a health perspective actively alters us at the cellular electrochemical level when we are exposed to it.

Wireless devices create radiofrequency radiation (RFR), and the most modern systems transmit coherent digitally pulsed RFR, like Blutooth and Wi-Fi does. Scientists note that "An internal EM field is induced in the tissue when a biological tissue is exposed to RF waves" from electronic devices. This can cause physiological as well as "mental and psychological effects."