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Ukraine Officers Say Recruits Arrive At Front Lines Pathetically Undertrained

• Zero Hedge

In the latest harbinger of Ukraine's inevitable defeat, combat commanders say newly-mobilized soldiers are arriving at the front lines so poorly-trained and clueless that they can't even disassemble their weapons, according to the Washington Post

One soldier described his basic training as "complete nonsense...everything is learned on the spot [at the front lines]." An officer who'd trained recruits said their rifle training was limited to just 20 rounds per soldier. 

In most armies, that would barely be considered "familiarization fire." Consider that, as of 2018, the US Army's basic combat training called for shooting 600 rounds in a 92-hour curriculum. Rifle ammo isn't the only limiting factor: The Ukrainian officer also noted that that "there are no grenades for throwing in training centers, and there are no grenade launcher rounds in the training center."