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Milei's Hobby-Like Interest in Judaism Strikes Fear in Argentina's Jewish Community

• Mary Manley - Sutnik International

Although the eccentric leader was born and raised Roman Catholic, he has reportedly shown a public interest in Judaism and even expressed a desire to convert. As Israel faces increasing isolation and condemnation from the world for its military invasion and assault on the Gaza Strip, President Javier Milei of Argentina has shown unrelenting support of the Israeli government, AP News reported. But his favoritism for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government differs sharply from that of the rest of Latin America. On Wednesday, Brazil withdrew its ambassador to Israel following months of tensions between the two countries regarding Israel's war in Gaza. And in late October, Bolivia severed diplomatic ties with Israel in response to Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip. Their South American neighbors Colombia and Chile also recalled their ambassadors at the time for consultations and lambasted Israel's attacks on Gaza, as well as condemned the killings of Palestinian citizens