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The Impact of the Trump Verdict on our AI Computer - The Fall of the US in 8.6 years.

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How did a former prosecutor  who is NOT a formal judge get assigned this case? This is not just a possible rigged proceeding, but this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL insofar as the alleged crime is a federal crime when there is no subject matter jurisdiction by this ACTING JUDGE in a state court to preside over a federal crime.

Now this ACTING Judge will be sentencing Trump where the maximum fine if $5,000 per count but he could sentence Trump to 4 years for every count. This UNCONSTITUTIONAL sentencing is a disgrace to the rule of law and the comments from overseas institutions and governments coming in to me personally are appalled at this entire proceeding.

The ACTING judge Merchan is a disgrace to the legal profession and his bias was clear by imposing a GAG order only on Trump but not on the prosecution's witnesses. That is UNPRECEDENTED and a joke. He will now sentence Trump on July 11th, 2024 and this politically and morally corrupt Judge has carved his name in American history. This has shown that our legal system is so corrupt and biased that the entire system should be scrapped and all judges simply fired.

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