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"We have to Deal with the Anti-Vaxxers" says Keir Starmer. Next UK PM? With the Endorsemen

• By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Keir Starmer Goes to Davos

Back in January 2024, Britain's Leader of the Labour Party Keir Starmer arrived in Davos on the invitation of the World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak decided not to attend the Davos Venue: 

"Number 10 has not provided an explanation for his absence but the Prime Minister is facing significant problems at home". 

Starmer started his election campaign in the Swiss Alps, in conformity with Klaus Schwab's  Fourth Industrial Revolution 

Starmer was presented at Davos in January as the WEF's  "favourite candidate" for the position of  PM,

Ironically, the actual announcement of the U.K. July election was released by PM Sunak several months later.

The Labour Party's "Great Reset"

"it's an opportunity to present the Labour Party as the UK's future", with a candidate who fully endorses the covid "vaccine" coupled with the repeal of  civil liberties.

He also confirmed his fight against global warming and CO2, which will indelibly lead to bankruptcies and the impoverishment of British farmers.

"He took the opportunity to push his Green Agenda which he would take forward if he enters Downing Street."

"During a panel discussion, it was put to Mr Starmer that the polls suggest he has a high chance of becoming Britain's next prime minister."

He touched on Labour's "ambitious" plan for a new, publicly owned energy company dubbed Great British Energy, which was unveiled at last year's party conference.

He said his first visit to the summit at Davos had given him the opportunity to speak to CEOs of business and investors "who would partner with us if we were in government".