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X is DOWN: Users say posts and comments are disappearing from Elon Musk's platform


DownDetector, a site that monitors online outages, cited the app, website and posting as having problems. 

The outage appears to be worldwide, plaguing users in the US, the UK, parts of Europe and other countries, but it is unclear how many people have been impacted. 

Users have shared on X that their posts are not staying on the site - one person said her tweets about the Wuhan coronavirus have disappeared.

Others have noted that they cannot see some replies or find a post on their page after sharing it. 

Issue reports received by DownDetector show 47 percent of users are having problems with the app, 36 percent cited the website and 18 percent said posting.

Other problems include unsolvable captchas, losing followers and payments to creators being halted, according to one X member.  

X is currently flooded with users asking others if they see their posts because they are not showing up on profiles. 

The issue has caused some people to think they have been shadow banned from the platform, which is when someone is blocked from a social media site without knowledge.

They can still log in to their account and see content, but their posts will not be visible to others. 

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