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Non Conformist Series by Anarchapulco - Ernest Hancock Speaker -- Occupy The Land


We have gathered some of the most amazing speakers we could find to lead this two day Master Class on how to not only survive through the Great Reset and Apocalypse but how to THRIVE!

They'll be speaking live and there will even be Question & Answer periods and other ways to interact.

Just some of the important topics to be discussed are:

- DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)

- Intentional Communities, a hot discussion topic at Anarchapulco every year  

- Issuing Notice of Liabilities to keep the b$stards honest

- How to travel the world as a crypto nomad

- How to build a parallel economy through concepts like Larken Rose's Iron Web

- Tools for effective communication in group settings

- Opportunities to ask the presenters questions and enjoy 'off the cuff' round table conversations with some of the world's greatest creative free thinkers!

And there will be much, much more than that!

You won't want to miss this, so register now for just $79...

It's like a two day, mini-Anarchapulco. And, you don't even have to get on a plane and spend lots of money to get here. Or, hope your Boeing DEI safety inspector remembered to bolt the engines on or that your pilot didn't get his most recent blood clotting booster.

And, if you can't join us from 2pm-8pm on Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th for any reason, don't worry. For a small extra charge you can pay for unlimited lifetime replays of the event and watch it all when you can… all from the comfort of your own home.

I hope you can join us! I'll be speaking at the event and likely taking part in some of the Question & Answer periods and I'll look forward to connecting with you on June 15-16th!

Make sure to get your ticket now so you don't forget! We know you have a busy life but in order to keep living that life in freedom and health it is quite crucial that you make sure you have access to all the information and inspiration we'll be offering in mid June!

I'll look forward to talking to you then!

-Jeff Berwick

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A food forest. In the desert. How? Saturate the soil. Join the journey at Curious now, to know more and ask questions? Ernest Hancock is presenting at the June 15-16 online event "Non-Conformist Series: Decentralized Societies"


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If you don't remind the American people that if they can't f****** defend themselves that everything else is a moot point. Merely owning weapons is not being able to defend oneself. To begin with Americans are severely disarmed as small caliber Firearms is not being armed properly against modern enemies. Secondly Americans are not trained in tactics or Logistics. How many US gun owners do you know that are proficient inbounding or the use of smoke during bounding? Close to zero I think. How many own weapons that are capable of taking out the armored personnel carrier that pulls up in front of their house? Almost none.