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California wildfire wreaks havoc as wind-driven blaze forces scorches 11,000 acres and forces...


A wildfire in Tracy, California is raging and has already burned some 11,000 acres across the West coast state, and forced the evacuation of thousands.

The Corral Fire was first reported on Saturday afternoon at around 2.30pm. By around midnight, the fire was just 13 percent contained, according to the California Fire department.

The fire, which is being driven quickly by wind, jumped Interstate 580, prompting evacuation orders for the communities east of the major artery.

Evacuation orders extended to the Tracy Golf and Country Club, as well as the Tesla Treatment Facility. 

At least two firefighters have been injured attempting to contain the blaze, according to the Santa Clara California Fire Unit. Both were hospitalized with minor to moderate burns.

The fire reportedly began at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Site 300 on the border of San Joaquin and Alameda counties. 

Site 300 is home to facilities that support the development of explosive materials, as well as hydrodynamic testing. 

Those running the site assess the operational ability of non-nuclear weapon components, and test new conventional explosives to potentially add to the nuclear stockpile. 

Overnight winds of up to 40mph were expected to continue spreading the fire. 

At present, it remains unclear how the blaze began - the investigation into its origins is ongoing.