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"I Just Donated $300k To Trump"...I'm prepared to lose friends. Here's why.

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Authored by Shaun Maguire via X

Clinton's campaign and voted for her.

By 2020 I was disillusioned and didn't vote – I didn't like either option.

Now, in 2024, I believe this is one of the most important elections of my lifetime, and I'm supporting Trump.

I know that I'll lose friends for this. Some will refuse to do business with me. The media will probably demonize me, as they have so many others before me. But despite this, I still believe it's the right thing to do.

I refuse to live in a society where people are afraid to speak.

The 2016 Election

I'm going to start off with something provocative, but I think it leads to a different take on the most controversial Trump issue, which is obviously January 6th. So here goes nothing.

I believe the 2016 election was manipulated to hurt Hilary Clinton and to help Donald Trump.

Hilary Clinton herself believes this, she has denied the 2016 election result dozens of times, and still does to this day. Plot twist: I agree with her! Look into Guccifer 2.0 which was the "hacker group" that strategically leaked her emails (through Wikileaks) in a drip campaign at just the right moments. Turns out it was the Russian GRU. And remember all those fake news and bot farms? These incidents are the tip of the spear -- some of the publicly known incidents. There was extreme manipulation happening during the 2016 election.

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Shaun Maguire (@shaunmmaguire) / X

Best of luck to President Trump.


*Note that everything in this post reflects my personal views and not the views of my employer. I work in Silicon Valley which traditionally leans very far left. I'm lucky to work at a place that tolerates spirited debate and independent thinking. If the truth is in the middle, it's impossible to find it without sharing our ideas and debating each other.