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The War Is Widening Into Armageddon

• Paul Craig Roberts

Every provocation action the West said it would not do it has done. The false denials have kept alive Putin's hope that the conflict can be restricted to Donbas. But the attack on Russia's warning system has brought Putin closer to reality.

The situation is dire and all the Idiot West does is to provoke it further. It is of the greatest urgency that the Biden Regime stand down and immediately sit down with Putin and resolve the conflict.

Kennedy and Khrushchev resolved the Cuban Missile Crisis. Putin has made it clear that he wants to resolve the Ukraine matter that the West has pushed into crisis. Why doesn't Washington want to resolve a dangerous crisis? Why is no-one but me asking this question?

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Comment by PureTrust
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Consider how many people have died in the past. It's probably at least as many as are alive on Earth right now - some 8,000,000,000. Many of these died in pain and sorrow. So, what's the difference if Armageddon hits, now? The major point is that the survivors will simply go back to the kinds of lives that people were living hundreds or thousands of years ago, right?

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