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The five American states residents will never move away from and the five they can't wait to lea

• Daily Mail

An estimated 8.2million people moved from state-to-state in 2022, according to US Census data published last year, with many citing affordability and the ability to work remotely as driving factors in their relocation decisions.

Experts have now identified the states where natives are most likely to stay forever and those where residents are eager to flee as soon as they can.

Texas natives are the likeliest to stay put, analysts at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas have revealed, followed by residents from North Carolina, Georgia, California and Utah.

But data shows that states like Wyoming, North Dakota and Alaska have the highest level of outbound migration with less than half of their native populations remaining on the state. Rhode Island and South Dakota have lost 55.2 and 54.2 per cent of their native populations, respectively.

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