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Christians In Palestine - Bombed by Netanyahu

• - Helena Glass

The ever secular Zionist media, The Economist, declares that "God, an aging product, outperforms expectations".   When viewing God as a 'product' the extent to which the secular dome of Israel reflects the World Economic Forum's ideology to extract all religion from society, the outcome is seen in Gaza.  If the religion cannot be extracted, then the persons will be.  

A millennium in the making, religion creates unity and instills values, that Zion wants to destroy.  Russia is now considered the most religious in terms of population.  America has taken the second place spot – but with the added identity of 'spiritual'.   What exactly does 'spiritual' even mean?   From my own experiences, it means next to nothing.

Often times, dropout Catholics describe themselves as 'spiritual' out of animosity toward Catholicism.   While I have had a few bouts with churches, I have found it makes my own belief and faith that much stronger.  Churches are man made and too often become corrupted by ego.   Unfortunately, the Kabbalah has hijacked churches and turned them into secular money pots – but they still don't know how to hijack 'religion'.  Because – no one can…

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