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Trilateral Anthony Blinken Does Not Commit To Submitting W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty To Senate...


Since 1973, eleven of the sixteen Secretaries of State have been members of the Trilateral Commission—almost seventy percent! The rest were closely aligned with the Commission. The current Secretary is Trilateral Anthony Blinken. This article hints at Blinken's intention: HE WILL NOT SUBMIT the WHO "treaty" to the Senate for 2/3 confirmation. Why not? It is not Trilateral policy!

The Trilateral Commission has also dominated the positions of U.S. Trade Representative (who negotiates trade treaties) and National Security Advisor to the President (who is the gatekeeper to the President.) Biden's NSA is Jake Sullivan – yep, also a member of the Trilateral Commission.

I created the above presentation before the advent of Technocracy News & Trends. It was from 2013 – 11 years ago! You are advised to watch to the end! ? TN Editor

Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not offer a clear answer to Congress on Wednesday when asked if the administration of President Joe Biden would submit any binding global document on pandemics to the Senate for ratification.

The question, raised by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), surfaced in the context of the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA), the World Health Organization's (W.H.O.) annual convention. The W.H.O. has, for the past three years, attempted to galvanize the world to agree to a legal structure giving power to the U.N. health agency over public health emergencies that could grow into epidemics or pandemics, attempting to use momentum for clear protocol arising in the aftermath of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

The proposed "pandemic treaty" has been so controversial that W.H.O. member states have not been able to agree on what to call it; the official nomenclature is currently the "W.H.O. convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response," or "WHO CA+."