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Covid Conspiracy Fact: Vindication Is Bittersweet

• Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

The so-called Covid "Conspiracy Theories" are collapsing one after another in courts of law and we can call most of them a Covid Conspiracy Fact. The actual disinformation came from those screaming the loudest about the rest of us providing disinformation.

While this is great news, what about all the lives that were ruined during 2020-2021 by fallacies that were accepted as fact? What about those who lost their businesses or jobs? What about those who were unjustly fired or fined? What about the people who died or suffered lifelong aftereffects?

I guess we're all just SOL. (s*** out of luck).

As the truth finally seeps out, the vindication is somewhat bittersweet.

Conspiracy Fact: The vaccines were dangerous.

First things first, the vaccines that were rushed to market were dangerous – so much so that two of them have been taken off the market. Johnson & Johnson was the first to be removed for causing blood clots in susceptible persons. Personally – and it's just an opinion – I thought the J&J, which was the only one available in the US that did NOT contain MRNA technology, was probably the least harmful of all. I felt at the time it was removed in order to get more people on board with mRNA.