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UK Government & NHS Infected Blood Scandal Chronicled in Massive Inquiry

•, Sean Miller

"The scale of what happened is horrifying. The most accurate estimate is that more than 3,000 deaths are attributable to infected blood, blood products and tissue," the inquiry said on page 2 of Volume 1.

The inquiry consists of seven parts, Volume 1: 'Overview and Recommendations' at 291 pages, Volume 2: 'People's Experiences and Treloar's' at 214 pages, Volume 34 and 5: all titled 'What happened and why?' at 476 pages, 480 pages and 328 pages respectively, Volume 6: 'Response of Government and Public Bodies' at 438 pages and Volume 7: 'Response of Government' at 300 pages.

Volume 7 lists a litany of instances where government destroyed documents related to in scandal.

Volume 4 chronicles government involvement in the scandal.

"…it [the government] failed to discharge its fundamental duty to ensure the safety of the public," the inquiry says on page 116 of Volume 4.

The inquiry gave numbers on types of viral infections the victims of the medical scandal endured, followed by 34 bullet points on why the infection of patents with bleeding disorders and those in need of transfusions were 'needless'.

"There were around 4,000 to 6,000 people with bleeding disorders in the UK at any one time. Around 1,250 were infected with HIV. The best estimate is that this included 380 children. Almost all infected with HIV were also infected with Hepatitis C and some with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D as well. Three quarters of these 1,250 adults and children have died. A larger number still (between 2,400 and 5,000 people with bleeding disorders) who were not infected by HIV received blood products infected with one or more hepatitis viruses, and developed chronic Hepatitis C," the inquiry says on page 2 of Volume 1.