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Lefty Media Continues To Run Cover for Zuckerberg's Election Interference.


Zuckerberg has come under fire on numerous occasions for blatantly meddling in American democracy through his contributions to the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL). However, the corporate media has continually claimed Republicans "weaponized Mark Zuckerberg's donations," among other things.On April 2, 2024, Wisconsin voters moved to ban the private funding of elections — effectively ending Zuckerberg's ability to influence state ballot regulations through groups like CTCL. This sparked a bevy of "Republicans pounce" style narratives from various media outlets. In reality, the Democrat-aligned media was fretting about CTCL's loss of control of election policy, especially in Democrat jurisdictions where ballot fraud and other election abnormalities have become a concern.

USA Today story, published shortly after Wisconsin voters passed election changes, suggested that the electorate was the victim of "misinformation" regarding the Facebook CEO's contributions to CTCL. The newspaper claimed that Zuckerberg had given more to pro-Trump election jurisdictions than those that went for Biden. However, USA Today omitted essential details from FEC data, which shows that 90 percent of CTCL funds went to Democrat-controlled election jurisdictions. The Trump jurisdictions received just a fraction of the funding.

Despite numerous state bans, CTCL continues to operate clandestinely in many U.S. states. Through a series of publicly available webinars, CTCL has continued to provide training on topics like working with leftist fact-checkers, lobbying elected officials, and building relationships with selected journalists. The National Pulse reported in April that Zuckerberg's Facebook is alleged to have already interfered in U.S. elections at least 39 times since 2008.