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Sub-$12k electric micro-car will roll on US roads later this year

• arclein

If your daily drive is only a few miles, and you don't have school runs or carpools to worry about, smaller makes a lot of sense when selecting a city runabout. We've seen a number of micro-EVs make a play for the wallets - and hearts - of savvy penny pinchers recently, including Citroen's Ami, the adorable Microlino, Italy's S04 and of course Renault's Twizy (renamed the Mobilize Duo). Los Angeles-based mobility startup Eli always had the US in its production sights for the Zero, but first headed over the pond to start with sales in Europe and French Polynesia, where they're reportedly being used for "personal transportation, eco-tourism and government fleets." Later this year, revised and updated models will roll onto US roads.