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Stormy Daniels' Former Attorney Michael Avenatti SLAMS Michael Cohen from Behind Bars...

•, By Jim Hoft

Disgraced former attorney Michael Avenatti, who has been imprisoned since February 2022 and was sentenced to an additional 14 years for stealing millions from clients—bringing his total sentence to 19 years without the possibility of parole—has tweeted from prison attacking another conman, Michael Cohen.

From his cell, Avenatti unleashed a barrage of accusations on Saturday. He challenged the public to question the fairness of being judged solely on the accusations of others, without an opportunity to defend oneself.

Avenatti wrote, "The next time you are accused of something by someone – a co-worker, neighbor, friend, significant other, stranger – ask yourself if it would be ok if only they were allowed to speak/accuse/antagonize while you were not allowed to respond to defend yourself. If your answer is no, then you too should be angered by Trump not being allowed to respond to Cohen's & Daniels' nonsense."

But Avenatti didn't stop there. Following Cohen's testimony on Tuesday, he took to Twitter again to reaffirm his long-held view of Cohen as untrustworthy.

"Unlike many, I have been consistent for 6 years: Michael Cohen is a liar and a total fraud/narcissist who cares only about himself."

"And let us not forget about Women for Cohen and the 700+ ridiculous posts he fabricated in an effort to paint himself as a brilliant attorney, sex symbol, etc. I guess he claims that was Trump's fault too? Lololololol"