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"The Russians Just Walked In": Ukraine Border Defense Funds Diverted To Fake Companies...

•, by Thomas Stevenson

Head of the Mezha Anti-Corruption Center, Martyna Bohuslavets, has written a report in Pravda asking "Where are the fortifications?" She reports that millions of dollars that were intended for the construction of fortifications in Ukraine were instead "transferred to Kharkiv OVA to front companies of avatars."

Bohuslavets said the Ukrainian Kharkiv Regional Military Administration (Kharkiv OVA) paid out funds to fictitious companies during the construction and fortification of the Kharkiv region. The report comes as Russian forces have broken into the northern region of Ukraine and the US continues funding the war.

According to Ukranian Pravda reports, the Russian military has begun to advance in the northern region of Ukraine where funding that was set for fortification was transferred to fake companies. The offensive from the Russian military launched on Monday with attacks on towns and villages, the Kyiv Post reports. A total of 7 billion hryvnias was spent there by Ukraine, according to the report.  

This comes as the BBC reports that a regional Ukrainian commander in Kharkiv has said that the first line of defense was missing in a massive "betrayal" in the northern region of the country.  Denys Yaroslavskyi, a commander in the region in charge of the Ukrainian Special Reconnaissance Unit, told the outlet, "There was no first line of defence. We saw it. The Russians just walked in. They just walked in, without any mined fields.

He told the BBC that government officials claimed to have built up the mines as the first line of defense at a huge cost. He told reporters, "Either it was an act of negligence, or corruption. It wasn't a failure. It was a betrayal." He then added, "When we were fighting back for this territory in 2022, we lost thousands of people. We risked our lives." 

"And now because someone didn't build fortifications, we're losing people again," he stated.  

In March, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported on the lack of oversight on the funds going to Ukraine during the war. GAO found in its report from March that the Defense Department is lacking in its ability to provide oversight on the resources being sent to Ukraine in the war.