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School Choice Advocate Corey DeAngelis on 'The Parent Revolution'


With Alabama's passage of universal school choice legislation earlier this year, 11 states now enable all or most K-12 students to access a portion of state-allocated education funding to use toward their preferred educational setting. In fact, EdChoice reports that more than one-third of the entire US K-12 population—over 20 million students—is or will soon be eligible for a private school choice program.

A key catalyst for the expansion of school choice has been the work of Corey DeAngelis, senior fellow at the American Federation for Children and author of the new book The Parent Revolution: Rescuing Your Kids from the Radicals Ruining Our Schools.

Credited with coining the phrase "fund students, not systems," DeAngelis has long been a school choice advocate; but the school closures and prolonged remote schooling in the wake of Covid supercharged both his influence and impact in promoting education choice for families.