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Cold brew coffee in under 3 minutes? Ultrasound makes it possible

• arclein

Being bleary-eyed tech hacks, we're always on the lookout for faster ways to get our coffee inside us. But cold brewing can involve steeping grounds in water for 24 hours (or more). The concentrated result might arguably be a genuine treat for our senses, but who wants to wait around that long? Back in 2022, German researchers employed pulsing lasers to cut the cold brewing time down to a few minutes ?" but as far we can tell, this method hasn't made it beyond the research lab (after all, how many regular Joes have a precisely tuned neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser in their kitchen?). Now an Australian team has nailed a similarly quick cold brew time using an ultrasound setup connected to an off-the-shelf coffee machine.