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Bitcoin bottomed at $56K? BTC price chart hints at breakout within days

• Cointelegraph

A popular Bitcoin chart formation suggests that Bitcoin's price could break out from its current range. However, this week's macroeconomic news could also significantly impact the price. Can Bitcoin break out to the upside?

Is a Bitcoin breakout imminent?

On the four-hour chart, Bitcoin price printed an inverse head and shoulders pattern, a formation used by technical analysts to predict the reversal of a previous downtrend.

Based on the technical formation, Bitcoin could rally to the upside if a break above the trendline occurs, according to a May 13 X post from crypto investor Quinten Francois, who wrote:

"Inverse head and shoulders pattern spotted on the $BTC chart. Not the most beautiful iH&S I've ever seen, but I'll take it. Different ways to draw the neckline too, but this way makes the most sense to me. Break the neckline for further price recovery!"