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Countdown Begins for Russia's Ukraine Offensive

• Ron Paul Institute - Melkulangara Bhadrakumar

Simply put, receiving bad news activates the desire to sense-make, and in turn, activating this desire enhances the tendency to dislike bearers of bad news.

In the current churning around the Ukraine war, French President Emmanuel Macron and the UK foreign Secretary David Cameron fit the description of messengers with malevolent motives — Macron keeps  repeating his pet idea of combat deployment by European countries in Ukraine and Cameron arguing for the escalation of the war theatre to Russian territory. 

Moscow disliked them both as bearers of bad news. But if further evidence was needed, the US national security advisor Jake Sullivan provided the "big picture" at the FT Weekend Festival in Washington last Saturday when he expressed the hope that Kiev would have the capacity to "hold the line" over the course of this year, and expects Ukrainian military to mount a new counteroffensive in 2025.