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The sham 'hush money' trial revealed one truth: Trump and Melania have quite the relationshi


Instead, this former executive assistant spoke the truth about what a great employer President Trump was and shared how his sweet relationship with his wife, Melania, always brought a smile to her face. This revelation, which many of us suspected all along about the couple, starkly contrasts with the nonstop garbage peddled by our fake news media.

The hacks over at CNN, notorious for churning out fake news about Melania supposedly "hating" her husband, must have really gritted their teeth publishing this true love story—but we think it's fantastic and just desserts.


When asked, former Trump assistant Madeleine Westerhout testifies that Trump is very close to his family and his wife.

She'd see Trump talking on the phone with his wife when he was in the Oval Office, Westerhout says.

She also recalls hearing him say, "Honey come over to the window." The former assistant explained there was a window in the residence where Melania Trump could wave to the president in the Oval Office.

They'd stand by the window and wave to each other, Westerhout said, smiling.

When asked how she liked working for Trump, Westerhout said she loved it. The CNN piece goes on:

Madeleine Westerhout, under cross-examination, says she enjoyed working for Donald Trump.

"He never once made me feel that I didn't deserve that job and that I didn't belong there. Especially in an office filled with older men he never made me feel like I didn't belong there. He was a really good boss. "Westerhout says.

"I found him very enjoyable to work for."