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Chilling warning from Border Patrol agent as he claims 'cartels control the border'...


A border patrol agent has claimed that it's cartels who are in control of the US-Mexico border.

The anonymous agent told Dan Abrams of News Nation that the US government does not have control of the border, which has fallen into the hands of cartels.

'The biggest thing is that we do not control the border, the cartel controls the border,' the agent said.

'Everything that we do is a reaction to things that they have planned. Usually, we're chasing around pawns while the kings and queens are doing whatever they want.'

The agent asked to remain anonymous because he said he is 'terrified to talk to media' and possibly losing his job over it. 

The agent added: 'Our border is by no means secure, and even if it was, we don't have the manpower to handle the situation that's happening right now.'

They warned that 'no one is coming to protect you' because the agency has 'been defunded and overwhelmed.'

Border Patrol has struggled to keep up with the record numbers of migrants trying to cross the border, as officers are forced to spend more time processing asylum claims.

Migrant numbers have exploded as organized crime has obtained more power and expanded its presence in Mexico, with cartels often charging smugglers a tax to allow them to work in the region. 

As previously reported by, cartels have been recruiting American soldiers to smuggle migrants into the US in a worrying new trend.

So far, two have been arrested for participating in the illegal people smuggling schemes.

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